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Full Service Drug Rehab in Elmhurst, IL.

Values of an outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst, ILOur outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst can help you or a loved one overcome any addiction. We provide our clients with the utmost care and respect while undergoing treatment. Our team of skilled clinicians and doctors, who practice at our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst, work together using multiple treatment models to help the suffering alcoholic or addicted person to discover what form of treatment can meet their needs best.


Some may think that outpatient should come after inpatient. But that is not an accurate perspective. Sometimes a person may need to be confined to an inpatient setting for a while. But once they leave, they are faced with the same daily stressors. At our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst, we find that it is best to address stressors as they occur, or to help our clients foresee possible setbacks in their everyday life, and put together healthier coping strategies without the need to use or abuse drugs.


In our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst, we take an in-depth look at each individuals life situations, help them identify values that are not being met, and help them put together a plan with goals and subgoals to meet their values. Ultimately, our goal with each client at our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst, is to improve their quality of life to a point where they will be turned off by the thought of having to use and jeopardize a meaningful and healthy lifestyle. But this can only be done by addressing situations as they arise in real life, through our outpationt drug rehab in Elnhurst.


We accept and are in-network with most public and private insurance plans at our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst. Most treatment services are covered by insurance, but if the case may be that it isn't, our self-pay option is much more affordable than any substance abuse treatment program out there. We offer sliding scales and payment plans at our outpatient drug rehab in Elmhurst. In some instances, we may even have a grant to provide you with the much needed evidence-based treatment you may require.

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