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Parenting Classes

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At Behavioral Services Center we serve adult men and women[LI1] .

We also have a great deal of programs to help adolescents and children [LI2] of all ages.

Our facilities at Behavioral Services Center are licensed by the:

Department of Mental Health (DMH) | Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) | Department of Human Services (DHS). [LI3] 

Behavioral Services Center Serves residents of Cook County, Lake County, and DuPage County[LI4] .

Our current locations at Behavioral Services Center are:

Skokie, IL | Chicago, IL | Elmhurst, IL | Mundelein, IL [LI5] 

The services offered at Behavioral Services Center can be conducted on an individual or group setting, and include:

Substance abuse treatment | individual psychotherapy | anger management | domestic violence treatment | stress management | recovery coaching | life coaching | medication management | employment assistance | sober living | housing assistance | DUI Education | Parenting Skills | counseling | Expert Testimony | Department of Transportation (DOT) evaluations and treatment | Evaluations | Biofeedback | Education to become a CADC | Family Therapy |

Click here for group schedules and descriptions at all Behavioral Services Center locations.

Behavioral Services Centers employs a highly knowledgeable and licensed staff whose expertise encompasses every aspect of mental health and behavioral health including psychiatry.

Please inquire about internship and volunteering opportunities at Behavioral Services Center.

Behavioral Services Center believes in helping and improving people’s lives. Therefore we regularly host free informational sessions about relevant topics that include:

Harm Reduction | Naloxone Training | Family Support Groups and education for families dealing with addiction | Domestic Violence Victim Assistance and support

At Behavioral Services Center, we accept most insurance plans, both public and private. In case insurance is not available we can occasionally accommodate some clients through a grant when available.